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FCL/LCL services from the Chinese port to the whole world. We use multimodal transport ways as sea/land,sea/air,sea/railway to ensure your goods arriving destination safely and timely. And, we also provide you a one-stop service platform with shipping space booking,customs declaration,inspection reporting,tax paying,insuring,storage,delivering. We provide the transport solution for customer's convenience.

We satisfy our customers thoroughly with our developed home and abroad agent net, which ensure kinds of extended services all over the world. After several years of development, we own a large number of experienced professional sea freight elite who is familiar with the condition of each port worldwide and goods transportation process. They can design the unique transport plan for customers providing high efficiency and low cost. Now, we have contracts with numbers of shipping company such as OOCL、MOL、EVERGREEN、CSAV、APL、MAERSK、CMA、COSCO、MSC、PIL, which ensure our much more competitive price in the shipping route of East Asia, Japan Korea, Middle East Asia, Red Sea, India Pakistan, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Australia and North America.
  1.Airfreight 运费(航空公司收取)
  2.Fuel sur charge 燃油附加费(根据机场,目的点价格不同,香港现在一般首4块左右,以前3.6,去年最高 4.8,该价格由机场调整,一般去亚洲是2块)
  3.安检费(香港收1块/kg 固定费用)
  5.终端费用:1.72/kg 当把货物交给庄家时候,庄家负责打板等事情,最终交由机场收取)
  6.航空主单费:HKD15/bl 就是出提单的费用---物权凭证。




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